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• Your skill, enthusiasm & patience have made this a wonderful experience for all. 
• You introduced my daughter to ideas & feelings that will enrich her for a lifetime.

• Vicki Citron truly exhausts superlatives. She is patient, funny, engaging & demanding, all in the right mixture for the most diverse of learners. A passionate lover of life, she conveys an infectious enthusiasm for pupils & parents alike. Prof. Dennis Shirley, Education Dept, Boston College

• Vicki is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever observed. She has a comprehensive understanding of violin technique and can break it down into portions just right for the age and temperament of the child she is working with. Her students enjoy music as the gift that it truly is. In this current climate of measuring self-worth by activities & testscores, it is precious to have a teacher

who can help children stay in touch with their inner selves through music.

Prof. Melissa T. Howe, String Dept. Berklee College of Music and studio parent, Violinist: Esplanade Boston Pops

• Vicki impresses with her open mind & her ability to encourage others to open theirs. Her students are engaged & enthusiastic -  the greatest sign of a good teacher. Mimi Rabson. Performer, Composer. Asst Prof. String Dept, Berklee College of Music

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