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What is Suzuki Instruction?

Mother tongue approach
Shinichi Suzuki, the eminent Japanese violin pedagogue, believed that we learn music the way we learn language - through listening, imitation, and practice. Suzuki violin lessons are based on this idea. Success is built into each carefully prepared step. Thus, the student’s confidence and mastery grow together.

Suzuki triangle
The student, teacher and parent are three legs of a learning triangle. I work with the student once or twice a week. The parent works with the child every day, and has a direct influence on the student’s progress.

The parent attends the weekly lesson, creates a positive home learning environment, and organizes the daily listening and practice sessions.


Parent class
This required class helps parents understand their role and invests them with authority in the eyes of their children. Typically, there are six hours of training for parents of students 6 years and under, and two hours of training for all other parents.

Children may begin as young as four.
The approach is somewhat modified with children older than ten.

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