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Policies 2014-2015

The Vicki Citron Music Studio is a community of students and parents working together to enrich our lives through music. These policies are designed so that the students, the parents and I are supported by each other in ways that will allow all of us to flourish.

Daily Practice and Listening
Daily practice and daily listening to recordings of pieces to be learned are essential for steady and rapid progress. Parents are expected to help students establish and maintain daily practice and listening routines.

Parent Conferences
One lesson each year will be used for a parent conference. The parent comes to the lesson, without the student, to discuss progress, motivation, practice, or anything else that needs to be addressed.

Scheduling Lessons
The schedule for the year is set the first Tues. after Labor Day at a meeting of all the studio parents.

Attendance is required. If a parent is unable to attend, they must send a proxy.

There will be no make-up lessons for student absences. If you anticipate a lesson time conflict, please find another student to exchange times with. A studio schedule with phone numbers and e-mails will be provided.
Any teacher absence will be rescheduled.

Snow Days
Call the studio on declared snow days. Often, roads are plowed by afternoon and the studio may be open. One snow day will be made up each semester.

SAA & Suzuki MA Memberships

The national and state Suzuki associations provide support and enrichment for families and teachers. Membership in both is encouraged.


Tuition refunds will be pro rated until the third lesson of the semester. There are no refunds after the third lesson.

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